Frequently Asked Questions

Print advertising
I would also like to advertise in the print edition of CFP. How do I do that?

Please contact the Advertising and Classifieds Coordinator by telephone at 1-800-387-6197 extension 246.

What are the ad rates and specifications for career ads in print?

The ad rates and specifications for careers ads in print are located here for price lists and specifications

How much does it cost to register?
Nothing. Registration is FREE. 
Do I have to register to use the site?
No. You can browse, search and respond to ads without registering. You should still register, to save time, as the site will remember various preferences for you. If you want to post an ad, you will need to register. Registration is FREE. Just click on Sign Up in the top menu bar, and the system will walk you through the process.
Creating and Managing Ads
How do "Subscriptions" work?
Instead of buying one or more individual ads, you can buy a subscription that will allow you much more flexibility to manage your online classified ads. For example, if you buy a 5-ad, 90 day subscription, for a one-time fee, you can post up to 5 ads immediately and allow them all to run for 90 days. You can also stop one ad after, say, 30 days, and post a new ad that will run in its place. You can change ads as often as you wish, as long as the total number of ads running does not exceed 5 (depending on the plan).
Various subscription plans are available, up to the one-year, 10 ad package. 
Do I have to register to create ads?
Yes. You must be a registered user to create ads. Registration is free. Click on Sign Up in the top menu at the home page. Once you have registered, clicking on the Post A Job button will walk you through the process.
I created an ad, but it does not show up in search results. Why?
You need to "run" your ad. Go to My Account and click on Run ad to the left of the ad you wish to run. The system will ask for your credit card information, and your ad will run as soon as your payment is processed.
My ad was successful! How do I stop it from running?
From the My Account page, click on the Stop link to the left of the ad.
Pricing and Payment
How long does an ad run?
When you create an ad, you can choose how long you want it to run 30 days, 60 days, etc. You can also edit (change) or withdraw an ad at any time.
How much do ads cost?

Please see follow this link Pricing and Payment


How do I add my corporate logo in the address field?
Click on My Account on the home page. At the top of the My Employment Account page, you will see Your Profile. Click on Update Your Profile and Privacy Options. Scroll down to Your Logo to attach a logo. It will appear on all your ads in the Address field.
What is your privacy policy?
I don't want my name, phone number or email address to appear on your site. What should I do?
You can have all your personal information remain private. Update your personal privacy preferences from the My Account page. You can also click No in the "Show my information" fields for each ad.
If all my information is private how can a buyer contact me?
When your ad appears, instead of showing your contact information the following appears: "This advertiser has chosen to remain private. You may contact this seller via anonymous email by clicking here." The contact completes an on-line form and the system sends you an email without revealing your information.
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