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Health Choice Centre In Toronto

HealthChoice Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been providing healthcare services to residents in the area for over the 30 years. The Centre serves 24,000 patients in the residential, ethnically diverse community of College and Ossington. Guiding principles of HealthChoice Centre include commitment to maintaining a culture of mutual respect, accountability, confidentiality and collaboration, advocacy for the health of patients by encouraging healthy living practices and illness prevention, effective communication and building positive relationships with patients and staff. HealthChoice Centre guides its activity by core values, such as treating everyone with respect, dignity, and integrity, openness and honesty in all relationships and everything they do, and continuous improvement through careful and considered change. In addition to primary and acute health care services, The Centre expanded its services to providing laboratory services to all patients as well as health care services in cardiology and orthopedic, and features an on-site pharmacy. In 2014, The Centre has expanded the health care team to include specialists and a physician assistant. Other physicians include Dr. Mohammed Khodabandehloo, Rheumatologist & Orthopedic, Dr. Ali Kilany, Cardiologist, Dr. Hassan El Hajj, ECHO & Stress Testing, and Dr. N. Abduljalil, Internal Medicine.

815 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M6G 1C9
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Career Opportunities
Full-time Family Medicine physicians - 2+ positions
- New grads welcome! Must have Ontario independent license, CMPA coverage and CCFP certification
- Will provide care for general family practice that includes pediatric care, pre-natal and geriatric care. 
- Urgent care clinic coverage required
- Will be supported by in-house inter-disciplinary and specialist team
- FHG model, with attractive split, plus incentives for higher volumes
- Flexible scheduling
Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinic Associate - 2+ positions
- Same requirements as above, however, ideal candidates must have Walk-in Clinic or ER experience and capable of seeing 20+ patients per day
- 75/25 split
Why Join Our Team?
- Full support with medical lab tech and medical office assistant on-hand at all times
- Clinic Management in place so physicians can focus on provision of medical care
- Billing clerk and advice from experienced physicians
- Blood lab services, Procedure room, Office for physician use
- Connected with OLIS and HRM for fast and efficient access to lab results and reports.
- Adjacent to densely populated thriving new neighborhood and young demographic
- In-house access to specialists and allied health teams to seamlessly co-manage patient care
- Full Electronic Medical Record keeping (OSCAR)
- Quarterly team meetings with pharmacist, chiro, physio
- Potential for being a future medical student/resident teaching site

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