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IWHC Toronto (Former Immigrant Women's Health Ctr) Ayesha Adhami
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IWHC is an independent sexual health clinic focusing on healthcare delivery to women from all communities across the City of Toronto. We are a fast-paced, walk-in clinic that offers free clinic services, information and outreach for a wide range of women’s sexual health issues with a multilingual, all-female staff; our services are provided in a women-friendly and culturally sensitive environment.

We are a sexual health clinic only; our mandate is very narrow. We do not provide primary health care OR pre-natal care. Physicians who work at our site clinic or on our Mobile Health Clinic work in close contact and collaboration with IWHC's counselling staff. Due to the nature of our clinic, we require physicians applying to locums at our site to be able to draw blood and give intramusuclar injections as we do not have nursing staff as part of our team; ability to do IUD insertions is preferred.

Clinical Services:
* STI counselling, testing and treatment
* Urinary and Vaginal infection counselling, testing and treatment
* HIV counselling and testing (nominal testing only)
* Hepatitis B counselling, testing, treatment and vaccines (free)
* HPV counselling, testing and wart treatment
* Pap tests
* Birth Control prescriptions and low-cost sales
* IUD Services: Pre-IUD counselling and testing; IUD insertion, follow-up and removal

Walk-in services
* Birth Control counselling and information
* Free Condoms; Free Pregnancy Tests
* Pregnancy Counselling & Referral
* Abortion Counselling & Referral
* STI counselling, testing and treatment
* Emergency Contraception (Plan B) counselling, referral and sales

Birth Control
Birth control pills, patch, ring and IUD are sold at the clinic, at a low cost, for client convenience.

Group Outreach Services
Offered with other agencies, organizations and Women’s groups.

* Workshops
* Displays
* Educationals

Who We Serve
IWHC’s all female staff serves women from all communities and can provide translation, if needed, in the following languages:
Mandarin Cantonese
Italian Portuguese
Spanish Vietnamese
Urdu Tagalog

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